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Trust accelerating success at scale.

We built an operating system to service the hell out of our entrepreneurs by automating serendipity and creating goodwill at scale.

The Ampliphy software platform changes companies' trajectories by mapping and navigating networks and providing unique access and connections to people, knowledge, companies, and insights.

Ampliphy Business

An exclusive tool for our portfolio companies that creates visibility into our network and lets you submit introduction requests to potential customers and business partners.

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Ampliphy Talent

A suite of tools that helps connect our portfolio companies with top talent and increase the velocity of talent teams. Utilize Aleph and our portfolio companies’ vast networks to find the best way to collect references, reach out, and connect with candidates.

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(portfolio companies only)

Ampliphy Follow-on

Close your next funding round with vetted potential investors and assisted outreach.

Ampliphy helps founders realize their potential energy.

It has become a pivotal asset for dozens of impactful companies like Lemonade, JoyTunes, Melio and Empathy and a propellant for launching early-stage startups. Ampliphy has paired co-founders, generated the first multi-million dollar contracts, and helped hire the first executive and developer teams for our portfolio companies.


Be the first to know when an Aleph portfolio company prepares for a funding round or has big news to share.

We let friends of Aleph in on a little secret - The Aleph Insider. The Aleph Insider allows top investors to share their interests and preferences so we can provide them with relevant updates, personalized investment opportunities, and an insider look into our portfolio.

Portfolio Lead Generation Support

Looking to accelerate your outbound efforts, but need help generating leads?

Fill out our Sales/BD Questionnaire and email it to, and we'll send you a customized list of accounts in our network that match your ICP.


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