Antonio Garcia-Martinez - Episode 19

Antonio Garcia-Martinez on the Hippie Influence over Silicon Valley, Behind the Scenes at Facebook, Writing ‘Chaos Monkeys’ and Founding Spindl

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On this episode of Invested, Michael hosts Antonio Garcia-Martinez, CEO and founder of Spindl, and author of the book “Chaos Monkeys”. 

Garcia-Martinez started his career when he dropped out of a PhD in physics at Berkeley, cut off his ponytail, and became a pricing quant on the Goldman Sachs credit trading desk just in time for the 2008 credit crisis. Fleeing back to the Bay Area for an ad tech startup, he founded a Y Combinator startup with the co-founders he met in that first tech job, and sold the company to Twitter in 2011. This somewhat haphazardly landed him at Facebook, in charge of targeting on the ads team, where he shipped some of the company's first real ads targeting. His book about the experience, Chaos Monkeys, was a NYT and WSJ bestseller (though it did have some detractors). After a couple years of journalism and Substacking, he came back to tech, working (again) at ads and data related products at Branch and Apple. 

Currently, he's CEO and founder of Spindl, a venture-backed startup building many of the same attribution and measurement products natively in the blockchain world. 

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