Ben Lang - Episode 20

Ben Lang on Being Early at Notion, How to Build Community, Angel Investing and Taking Risks

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On this episode of Invested, Michael hosts Ben Lang, an early employee at Notion and serial builder. 

Ben is an angel investor, former founder and operator at high-growth startups. He served in IDF Intelligence and went on to co-found Mapme. Later, he joined Spoke, which was acquired by Okta. In 2019, he joined Notion, where he saw the team grow from 15 to 600+. He helped scale the team, build out their Ambassador program, influencer function, Consultants program, user conference, education program, template gallery, and more. Today, he actively makes angel investments (50+ investments so far) and advises a few startups. He is building the next play community to help people discover what’s next with curated opportunities, gatherings, and content. 

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