Ron Gura – Episode 7

Ron Gura on Empathy, Grief and Scaling Humanity

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On the 7th episode of Invested, Michael hosts Ron Gura, co-founder & CEO at Empathy, which helps families deal with loss. 

Ron is a tech entrepreneur who has brought his love for developing empowering products to startups and major international corporations alike. As Senior Vice President at WeWork, Ron started and oversaw a global R&D center of 250 team members, responsible for the tools and systems that helped the company scale operationally. Previously, Ron served as Entrepreneur in Residence here at Aleph. Prior to that, Ron served as a Product Director and General Manager at eBay, leading its business incubation organization. Ron joined eBay as a result of the 2011 acquisition of The Gifts Project, a social-commerce startup where he served as Co-Founder & CEO.

You can learn more about Empathy at

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