Eyal Waldman - Episode 18

Eyal Waldman on What Went Wrong on October 7th, His Personal Loss and Plan for Peace, and Mellanox’s Impact on AI

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On this episode of Invested, Michael hosts Eyal Waldman, the chairman of Waldo Holdings and co-founder of Mellanox. This is Eyal's second time on the podcast - if you’d like to hear the first episode, please go to https://content.aleph.vc/podcast-episodes/eyal-waldman-episode-10 

Waldo Holdings is a family office that focuses on diversified investments in private and public companies, various funds, real estate and other financial platforms and vehicles.

Mr. Waldman has been the co-founder, president, CEO and board member of Mellanox Technologies since March 1999. Mellanox is a semiconductor company which went public on Nasdaq in 2007 and was acquired by NVIDIA on April 2020 for more than $7B. 

Between March 1999 until June 2013, Mr. Waldman served as Mellanox’s chairman of the board. 

From March 1993 to February 1999, Mr. Waldman served as Vice President of Engineering and was a co-founder of Galileo Technology, Ltd., a semiconductor company, which went public on Nasdaq in 1997 and was acquired by Marvell Technology Group, Ltd. in January 2001 for $2.7B. 

From August 1989 to March 1993, Mr. Waldman held several design, management, and architecture related positions at Intel Corporation, a manufacturer of computer, networking, and communications products, and was awarded with the “IAA Intel achievement award” and the “Employee of the year” award. 

Mr. Waldman serves on the board of directors of several private and public companies. 

Mr. Waldman holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering and a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. 

In June 2016, Mr. Waldman was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the Technion. 

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