Special Episode of Invested with Ami Daniel - Episode 11

Ami Daniel on the October 7th Massacre, Rescuing Survivors Using Tech, and Managing a Company During War

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On this special episode of Invested, Michael hosts Ami Daniel, the CEO and co-founder of Windward. 

In his capacity as CEO, Ami has been featured extensively as an expert in shipping and AI at multiple conferences, events, op-eds and interviews including by The Economist, The FT, WSJ, Bloomberg and many others. He was recognised as one of the 40 most promising entrepreneurs in Israel twice by Israel’s leading economical newspapers – Globes and The Marker. Under his leadership Windward has been awarded multiple awards including as a finalist in the Boldness in Business Awards by the FT, Red Herring, The Hottest Startup in Israel by Wired and many others.

Before founding Windward, Ami has been one of Israel’s most impactful youth social entrepreneurs, founding a community center in Haifa when he was 16, as well as another national scale social empowerment program. For these he was given multiple awards including the President’s Award and the Ramon Award (both the most distinguished for youth in Israel).

Ami served as a naval officer (Lieutenant) in the Israeli Navy and he holds an LLB from Tel Aviv University.

You can learn more about “Kvar Baim” (“We’ll Be Right There”) on their website, and find Ami Daniel on LinkedIn

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