Yasmin Lukatz-Episode 17

Yasmin Lukatz on Investing in a Time of War, Founding ICON, How to Make a Difference, and Being on Shark Tank

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On this episode of Invested, Michael hosts Yasmin Lukatz,  Founder & Executive Director at ICON.

Yasmin Lukatz is the executive director of the Israel Collaboration Network (ICON), a non-profit organization that aims to create a Silicon Valley-based community to harness and support Israeli startup technology and innovation. With a background in economics and law from Tel Aviv University and an MBA from Stanford, Lukatz has held significant roles in both corporate and startup environments. 

Notable for her strategic investments at Early Stages in leading startups like Tipalti, Navan, and Salt Security, Lukatz also gained recognition on Hakrishim, Israel's version of Shark Tank. 

Recently, she founded Code for Israel, the Israeli movement of high-tech volunteers, dedicated to addressing Israel's challenges through technology.

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