Yonatan Adiri - Episode 16 Part One

Yonatan Adiri on Founding Healthy.io, Challenges in HealthTech, and Working with Shimon Peres - Part One

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On this episode of Invested, Michael hosts Yonatan Adiri, the founder and president of Healthy.io. 

Yonatan Adiri is the Founder, former CEO, and current President of Healthy.io. Born to refugee parents from Iran and Iraq, Adiri concluded his undergraduate studies at the age of 17 and spent the first 15 years of his career in Israel's public service. In his last role, Adiri was entrusted by one of Israel's founding fathers, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, HE President Shimon Peres to serve as his senior advisor for tech diplomacy and ultimately served as the President's Chief Technology Officer. 

Adiris's technology and public sector expertise were recognized by TIME Magazine (2018 one of the 50 most influential people in healthcare), The World Economic Forum, where Adiri spoke at several annual Davos gatherings, CNBC (Disruptor of the Year award, 2020), and FT (Bold in Business Award, 2021).

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